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Things to Consider When Gathering Siding Estimates

Even when you keep your siding well-maintained, you’ll have to replace it at some point to ensure the continued protection of your home. Before you begin, however, you must be aware of the various factors that go into this major home improvement project. This way, you can sign off on an accurate estimate that will

3 Ways to Protect Your Exterior During Your Roofing Project

Installing a roof can be messy, as it involves the removal of worn-out shingles and old wood deck boards. Before your roofing repair contractor visits your home on the first day of your project, make sure that your home’s exterior is protected from dust, debris and potential damage.

3 Simple Ways to Stormproof Your Roof

With harsher storms becoming more common these days, it’s important to prepare your home for extreme weather all year round. One of the things you should especially care for is your roof. Find out how you can stormproof your roof by checking out these tips from trusted roofing and siding contractor A Cut Above

4 Steps To Follow When Preparing Your Siding For New Paint

Painting your siding isn’t a task that you should take lightly, especially if you’re conducting a DIY. You’ll not only have to choose the right quality of paint but there are also various steps to take to make sure the repainting project goes as planned. With that in mind, it’s important that you know what […]

Is It Okay to Carry Out Roofing Jobs in the Rain?

A number of factors have to be taken into account when planning a roofing project. However, one of the things that is naturally beyond your control is the weather.