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The Benefits of Off-Season Window Replacement

Many homeowners choose to replace their windows in the spring or early summer, where the weather is nicer. Installing windows at those times of the year prevents drafts from entering your home and affecting your cooling costs. However, there are also advantages to an off-season installation.

How to Maintain Cedar Siding

Cedar siding helps boost your home’s aesthetic and provides the kind of curb appeal you’ve always wanted. It is a solid, durable and weather-resistant material that doesn’t require much maintenance to make it look good. Even so, it is important that you give it the care it deserves so you can avoid common home

4 Major Problems With Vinyl Windows

Many homeowners are choosing vinyl windows because of their flexibility. However, if not well maintained, these windows can develop major problems.

Factors That Affect the Total Cost of a Roofing Project

Protecting your roof’s structural integrity is an important requirement of basic home maintenance. With it, you ensure your home’s protection against the elements. Once you notice some red flags indicating a need for a repair or replacement, however, it is important you act on them immediately. It all starts with

Helpful Tips to Stay Protected Against Home Improvement Scam

Since the weather has gotten nice, you may be thinking of improving your home. You should be careful in picking a contractor as scammers can take advantage of the home improvement season.