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A Cut Above Exteriors: Achieve Better Eco-Friendliness with Metal Roofs

More and more homeowners are prioritizing eco-friendly choices for their homes. Of the various green home improvement options available, metal roofing installation is easily one of the best choices to make. If you’re skeptical about metal roofing’s environmental benefits, let the list below guide you in your decision.

Energy efficiency

Metal roofs are effective at deflecting solar heat. When the sun’s heat is deflected, you make your home interior cooler, which gives you the potential to save up to 40 percent on energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption in your home not only reduces your utility cost, it also decreases your demand for the resources generated by power plants, which can be beneficial to the environment overall.


Metal roof’s superior recyclability ensures that it will never add to the waste that goes to landfills. Couple this with the fact that metal roofs are often partially made of recycled materials (as much as 40 percent), and you get one of the most eco-friendly roofing materials from a waste reduction standpoint.

Lifespan and Durability

High quality metal roofs can potentially last up to 50 years or more, making them a valuable once-in-a-lifetime investment. Not only that, metal roofs a have a considerably longer expected service life than all other roofing materials. With metal roofing, you wouldn’t need to keep replacing your roof every few decades, which helps you save on resources and cost. This long lifespan is matched by maximum durability and protection—metal roofs can effectively protecting your home from whatever nature can throw at it.

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