How to Deal With Your Noisy Gutters and Downspouts

How to Deal With Your Noisy Gutters and Downspouts

A well-designed home should have a reliable gutter system to keep the roof free from any kind water damage. You need to conduct regular maintenance checks to spot any sign of damage and make sure your gutters and downspouts work the way they should. If your gutters are not maintained regularly, it can lead to more issues on your roof and exteriors of your home, in which case you’ll have no choice but to call in a roofing and siding contractor for a costly repair. So if your gutters and downspouts are making noises when they shouldn’t, here’s how you can properly inspect them.

If not maintained regularly, your gutters won’t last through extreme weather. Any noise you hear from your gutter must be checked immediately; it can come from a loose bracket, appendage, or screw. If that’s the case, the screws must be checked to see if they’re tight around the brackets and appendages. Doing this prevents your gutters and downspouts from failing you later on, especially during an extreme storm. 

Inspecting Your Downspouts

When you inspect your downspouts, make sure to look for small branches and fallen leaves, since they tend to clog your downspouts and make unwanted noise. You can try unclogging them yourself, but as much as possible, you need to consider your own safety. We recommend hiring a professional gutter and siding replacement contractor to check all your downspouts and clean them thoroughly.

Downspouts should be tilted gently for water to propel down the drain and keep the droplets away from your home as much as possible. But if it’s too rigid, the water droplets will fall into its corners which creates a dripping noise. To fix this, consider calling your trusted gutter repair and replacement contractor to replace the bottom part of the downspout. Typically, a downspout extender or a vinyl elbow will be used so the noise can be softened, but sometimes a downspout with a wider angle fixes this as well.

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