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Choosing the Right Windows for Natural Ventilation

When it comes to natural ventilation, the style of the replacement window is important. Install the right kind of windows in your home, and you’ll benefit greatly from it, such as better productivity, learning, and health. It’s also more eco-friendly, provided that the incoming pollutants are filtered out. As expert window and siding installers, we’re here to explain how you can benefit from natural ventilation. Here’s what you need to know.

Natural Ventilation and How it Works

Doors, windows, vents, louvres and other openings can bring in fresh air into your home and let stale air out. The size and placement of these openings can be used to guide the air through your home. For instance, if you live in warmer climates where cooling is required, you need to have windows or other openings high up on your walls or on upper levels. They need to be opened to let warm air escape. In winter, a well-designed natural ventilation system also refreshes the air in your home without letting out too much heat.

Why Natural Ventilation Is Needed

Your HVAC system circulates the same air around your home’s indoors, so the longer the time between venting indoor air, the more saturated the air in an enclosed space will be. In fact, indoor air quality is counted as one of the top five health hazards in the country, according to the U.S. EPA. This is because up to 90% of Americans spend most of their time indoors, regardless of whether it’s at home, school, or work, so you can see how stale air is a health risk. Letting fresh air into your home for at least 15 minutes a day helps eliminate the pollutants and improve indoor air quality.

How You Can Benefit From Natural Ventilation

When choosing a window replacement for your home, make sure they’re best suited to your local climate. It’s important to note that certain windows give better ventilation than others, and that depends on where they’re installed in a home. But if you live in a place with severe or unpredictable weather, you may want to keep in touch with your locally trusted window and exterior siding contractor

  • For natural ventilation to work on your home, you need to have two openings in a room to allow the air to circulate. This is so one opening vents out the stale air while the other pulls in cool and fresh air. This works best for larger rooms, but even a double-hung window can achieve the same effect for smaller rooms. 
  • With a home designed for natural ventilation, you’ll only need to open and close your windows, doors, or vents whenever it’s needed to reduce the temperature and refresh the quality of the air indoors. This works best if air has clear, uninterrupted pathways through your home. Design open plan areas or add high vents or other openings between rooms. Having openable windows and doors well distributed on each side of your house will make the most of microclimate breezes.

Whether you’re looking for excellent window replacement or cedar siding installation services, hire only the name that you can trust. Call A Cut Above Exteriors at (503) 334-0733. We’ll work with you to develop a flexible plan that perfectly suits your needs. You can also contact us through our convenient online form. We serve our customers in Oregon, including Portland and neighboring OR areas.

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