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The Benefits of Off-Season Window Replacement

Many homeowners choose to replace their windows in the spring or early summer, where the weather is nicer. Installing windows at those times of the year prevents drafts from entering your home and affecting your cooling costs. However, there are also advantages to an off-season installation.

Home Improvements to Boost Your Home’s Value

From roofing to window installation, you can embark on various home improvement projects to boost your home’s beauty and value. To help you in this endeavor, we suggest prioritizing ones that boost your home’s overall value while improving its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Why Client Reviews Matter in Home Improvement

There’s no better way to gauge the reliability of a siding contractor than by looking at their client satisfaction rating. Former customers know the company the best, after all. Just as happy clients mean really exceptional contractors, unhappy ones mean subpar services from mediocre contractors.

Things Homeowners Should Know Before Painting Their Home

Arguably the most important decision you’ll have to make during a remodel is the paint color. The shade you end up choosing will greatly affect the look of your home and its curb appeal. Picking a color sounds fun, but because of the sea of colors you’ll be faced with, it can be challenging for […]

A Cut Above Exteriors: Our Awards and Certifications

A Cut Above Exteriors consistently strives to deliver nothing but the best for your exterior remodeling needs. We place emphasis on excellence, integrity and value to deliver flawless results for your project. We always go the extra mile to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Home Improvement Projects That Help Prevent Water Damage

Water damage affects not only your home’s exterior but your interior as well, so it pays to invest in projects that can boost your home’s defense against these problems. A Cut Above Exteriors, the leading roofing contractor, shares the projects you should prioritize for superior protection.

3 Home Improvement Projects That Boost Energy Efficiency

A Cut Above Exteriors focuses on providing homeowners with energy-efficient and sustainable home improvement projects. We believe that if we use the right methods and quality products to protect your exterior, then you won’t have to replace the exterior components of your home for many years. This conserves resources and maximizes the benefits from improved […]

What You Can Expect When We Paint Your Home

A Cut Above Exteriors is Portland’s leading exterior remodeling company. We are devoted to providing superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Communication, Honesty, and Integrity are part of our core values and it’s important to us to keep our customers informed and involved in their projects as much as possible. That’s why today, we’ll discuss […]