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Vinyl or Fibrex®: Which Window Material Is Better?

One factor in window replacement you should never overlook is material. After all, the longevity and overall performance of your new windows will depend on it. Two of the most popular window materials available today are vinyl and Fibrex®—but which one is the better choice? A Cut Above Exteriors, your premier window and roofing company offers a quick comparison.


  • Insulating Value. Windows serve as an opening that let in light and air. But when closed, they should create a durable seal that prevents air leakage. Vinyl can provide superior insulation, as does Fibrex—an exclusive material from top brand, Renewal by Andersen®. This composite material has the strength and natural insulating properties of wood, allowing for consistent and comfortable temperature in your living spaces, while preventing significant energy loss.
  • Durability. Just like in roof replacement, you’ll have to take into account your choice of material’s toughness. Make sure your new windows can effectively withstand the most extreme weather conditions. This is especially important if you live in areas with fluctuating weather and temperature, which can lead window frames to contract and expand. Enough shape-changing and your windows can warp. When talking about weather protection, vinyl and Fibrex have a huge performance gap. Vinyl windows have a propensity to warp under extreme heat. However, Fibrex composite doesn’t change as much when exposed to higher temperatures, making it the stronger option.
  • Environmental Impact. Sadly, vinyl is made of “virgin plastics”. Because it is composed entirely of new materials, it is not very sustainable. Fibrex, on the other hand, is manufactured using an environmentally responsible process. This composite is partially made of reclaimed wood fibers, helping lower the amount of waste material ending up in landfills.
  • Window Size and Shape. If you want bigger windows for your home, you’ll have to make sure they’re made of a highly durable material. Fibrex is exactly that. This composite has over twice the durability of vinyl. This allows for windows with sleeker frames and an expansive glass area, allowing you to highlight a particularly lovely view from your home. 

A Cut Above Exteriors is your go-to company for exceptional roofing services—but we can also handle your window replacement needs. With our high-quality Fibrex replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen, we’ll improve the look, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home even further. We proudly serve homeowners in Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA, plus their surrounding areas. Call us today at (503) 643-1121 or fill out this contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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