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A Cut Above Exteriors Painting: Guiding You From Planning to Finish

Here at A Cut Above Exteriors, a good siding job will never be complete without exceptional painting application. Call us perfectionists, but we never take for granted the paint, as well as the manner in which we apply it to your siding.

Generally, we employ a two-coat application process that involves a body color, a front door color, and a trip color. We apply paint using a spray gun, which allows us to cover all the areas that need to be covered. Our highly-skilled personnel will ensure that each and every portion of your house that needs to be painted like your eaves, ceilings, and garage doors will be covered accordingly.

As for the hard-to-reach areas, we utilize brushed-out or back-rolled techniques while the trip color is applied to your door trims, gutters, and fascia using hand brush.

We also take pride in our paint applications that do not mess up the areas and spaces that shouldn’t be affected in the first place. We use tarps to cover the plants, trees, decks, and walkways in your home to ensure that not even a drop of paint will ruin the aesthetics of your abode.

Planning is Key

Like any other home improvement project that we accept, painting homes require careful planning not only to meet the exact specifications of our clients in terms of the finished product, but also in terms of meeting the target deadline.

Our general rule is to get the painting application started about a week or two after completing your siding. It takes about one to two days for our caulking to cure. We utilize pre-primed and caulked products to significantly cut down the waiting time.

Sit Back and Relax, As We Do the Painting

Here at A Cut Above Exteriors, we want nothing but the best for our customers, and that includes taking the stress away from your shoulders and off your minds. Call us at 503.334.0733 or fill out our online form today, and experience remarkable painting for your house that is a cut above the rest!

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