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How a Local Contractor Benefits You

You may notice a local siding and roof replacement company competing with larger national contractors over the jobs they get called for in the local area. You may think that national contractors are the better choice, but that’s not exactly the case. Local contractors have a lot to offer, especially in the areas they know […]

How to Make Sure Your Roofing Warranty is Protecting You

As a homeowner, you may think that you’ve got your roof covered because you have a warranty. But there’s actually more to it than what you’re aware of. Not all damage on your roof is covered despite what you’re led to believe. With that said, have you thoroughly checked the warranty from your roof system […]

4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Roofing Project

You probably already know that most roofing projects, especially a replacement, will take a considerable amount of your time and money. That’s why you need to take measures that ensure the process runs safely and smoothly throughout. But how exactly do you get started? A Cut Above Exteriors, the premier roofing and siding contractor in the area, […]

What Is Roof Decking?

Most homeowners talk to their roofing contractor about the material they want for their roof. Many are familiar with shingles and other roofing options, but not many know about the roof decking that’s under those shingles. In this post, A Cut Above Exteriors, roof and exterior siding contractor, discusses this less known but equally important […]

Factors That Affect the Total Cost of a Roofing Project

Protecting your roof’s structural integrity is an important requirement of basic home maintenance. With it, you ensure your home’s protection against the elements. Once you notice some red flags indicating a need for a repair or replacement, however, it is important you act on them immediately. It all starts with setting up the budget for […]

Replacement Siding & Roof Replacement Sale

By submitting this form, I am requesting A Cut Above Exteriors (ACAE) to follow up with me on my inquiry. I understand ACAE may keep me informed via phone or email of their products and services, and when they go on sale. I understand that I do not need to submit this form to ask to be contacted, instead I may call your service center at the number on this page.

How to Differentiate Mold From Algae on Your Roof

Looking up, you see dark stains, black streaks on your roof. Are those algae or mold? How can you tell the difference? The top siding contractor in the area, A Cut Above Exteriors, talks about the differences between the two.

How to Maximize Your Homeowner Insurance Claim

It’s essential not to stay in the dark when it comes to understanding your homeowner’s insurance, especially after suffering exterior damage due to a storm. The top roofing company in the area, A Cut Above Exteriors, shares some useful tips on how to maximize your insurance claim when the need arises.

A Homeowners’ Roofing Repair Financing Options

In cases where the damage to your roof is so significant, you’ll need a roof replacement right away. The problem is not all homeowners have cash to pay upfront. Fortunately, they have several options for financing emergency roof repairs.

Cool Roofs: How You Can Help Reduce the Heat Island Effect

The right kind of roofing can do more than shield a home or commercial property from rainfall and heat from the sun. It also helps reduce the effect of heat islands. Roofing company A Cut Above Exteriors shares an overview of this phenomenon and what kind of roofing helps reduce its effects.

Composite Roofing: Synthetic Strength

Composite roofing is a relatively unknown option over the classic roof materials: wood, metal, and tile. As its name suggests, it’s made up of a mixture of several roofing materials that form a composite – essentially a synthetic material that has all the strengths of its “parent” materials.

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