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Category Archives: Roofing

Composite Roofing: Synthetic Strength

Composite roofing is a relatively unknown option over the classic roof materials: wood, metal, and tile. As its name suggests, it’s made up of a mixture of several roofing materials that form a composite – essentially a synthetic material that has all the strengths of its “parent” materials.

What You Need to Know About Roofing Nails

Most types of roofing rely heavily on roofing nails to secure the top layer to the decking. However, not all roofing nails are the same; some work better for certain types of roofing materials. Read on as we take a look at the most commonly used roofing nails and what roofing options they are typically used […]

Why Hire a CertainTeed® SELECT™ Shingle Master Contractor

Residential contractors safeguard the condition of your roof. You wouldn’t pick just anyone for the job. The best people in the roofing business come with CertainTeed® SELECT™ Shingle Master Contractor certification. Here’s why they provide the best roofing services.

Why Attic Ventilation Is Vital to the Health of the Roof

Most homeowners are unaware of how important attic ventilation is to the condition and overall health of their roof. Keep in mind that both residential and commercial properties use a wood-framed design, and the fact that they are made of wood is the reason proper ventilation is so important.