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Tips on Using Windows to Capture Outdoor Scenery

Windows serve numerous purposes for your home. Apart from ensuring ventilation, they also provide great views of the outdoors. By choosing the right window style to frame various points of interest, you can instantly add to the appeal of any room.

A Cut Above Exteriors, your local windows and siding contractor, provides tips on using windows to capture outdoor scenery.

Open Up Your Room

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows is a great home improvement idea to consider if you want to open up your room. With these, you can get an unrestricted vista of a mountain or a cityscape from a distance. More sunlight enters your room, brightening up your interior and making it more spacious. You can also choose to install bay windows for an added charm. This window style gives you a chance to add interior space, which you can then convert into a seating area.

Focus on a Singular Subject

Choose a specific subject that you want to frame using windows and make it stand out. It could be a tree in your yard or the silhouette of a natural landscape from afar. Regardless of the window style, make sure that it has the right color and finish—these will make the framed image pop even more. Also, it should be small enough—an outdoor landmark could get easily lost within a bigger frame. Talk to a window and siding installation professional if you plan to create a new opening for your home.

Consider a Mulled Window

A mulled window consists of multiple windows of the same style and height and is installed flat along the wall. Such configuration provides you with a wall of glass similar to sliding patio doors. If you have enough wall space, you can have up to three units to form your mulled window, which should be enough to frame a picturesque outdoor view.

At A Cut Above Exteriors, we install beautiful, energy-efficient replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen®. Customize your units by choosing from an array of styles, interior and exterior color combinations, hardware finishes, grille patterns and glass options to make your windows—and your outdoor views—become the focal point of your interior.

You can also turn to us for other exterior home improvement needs, including roofing and siding replacement. Give us a call at (503) 334-0733 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve residents of Portland, OR.

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