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Striking Color Combinations For Siding and Exterior Shutters

Color can make or break the overall look of your home. This is especially true when it comes to the siding and shutters because they are the first things that passersby will see when looking at your home. If you want a home that looks good, consider asking about these color combinations from your siding contractor.

Striking Color Combinations For Siding and Exterior Shutters

Gray and Black

Pairing gray siding with black shutters is a great way to use neutral colors in your home. With black lines as highlights for a gray background, you can still give the impression that the windows are sticking out while still keeping things subtle enough to be easy on the eyes.

Yellow and Black

If you want something more dynamic, you can ask your siding installation contractor to use mild yellow colors to match your home’s black shutters. The warm yellow background creates a stark enough contrast with the black shutters to keep the home from looking drab without looking tacky.

Tan and Green

“Earthy” is the best word to describe this combination. A gentle shade of tan highlighted with shades of cool green is one of the best ways to give your home that natural look. This color combination looks even better when surrounded by a lush garden.

Olive and Brick Red

Olive and brick red are almost polar opposites, but that contrast can work out in your favor if you want a vibrant-looking home. The subtle olive background from your siding naturally diverts your attention towards the vivid brick red highlights in the form of your window shutters. If you want a home that stands out without looking like an eyesore, ask for this color combination the next time you need siding replacement.

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