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Creative Window Accents to Patio Doors

Looking for ways to beautify and add character to your home? Pairing our quality replacement windows with your patio door is an excellent way to add a distinct charm to your home while also improving its energy efficiency. A Cut Above Exteriors shares the window styles you can try:

Patio Doors

Picture Windows

This fixed window style creates a striking focal point for your interior. Once excellent way to style this is to pair floor-to-ceiling windows with sliding patio doors. This allows light to flood the room and provides a broad panoramic view that seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor spaces. An expert tip, choose a light colored, matching trim for your patio door and windows to visually open up the space.

Casement Windows

If you’re looking to increase the amount of ventilation in your room, but don’t want to open your patio doors all the way, casement windows are the way to go. These highly efficient and movable windows allow the cool air in and let the hot air out for a comfortable interior. In addition, since casement windows only have one sash, they frame the view perfectly, matching the views provided by your patio doors.

Custom Windows

Pairing curved windows with your edged patio doors creates an interesting focal point for your room. For instance, arched glass windows provide a striking contrast to the sharp edges of your doors. Additionally, this combination allows you to maximize daylighting, by allowing light to hit different parts of your home.

For quality window and door installation services, look no further than A Cut Above Exteriors. We carry products from Renewal by Andersen®, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, so you are assured of the quality of the products. Along with our expert installation, you can benefit from your investment for a long time. We serve Vancouver, WA, and communities in Oregon such as Portland, OR. Call us today at 503.334.0733 to request a free estimate on your window and door project.

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