Anatomy of a Vinyl Siding System

Anatomy of a Vinyl Siding System

Vinyl siding is widely considered by most homeowners to be the most effective and practical choice for an exterior wall cover. Not only does it surpass wood in terms of strength and weather resistance, it has boasts a high-quality aesthetic, thanks to its wide color palette.

Anatomy of a Vinyl Siding System

siding installation project, it’s important that you know what makes it work. That way, you have a good idea about the important parts you need to take care of and maintain. A Cut Above Exteriors discusses what these components are.

Strip and Trim

The starter strip is the part of the siding that attaches the first course or part of the structure at the bottom. It’s called a “starter” strip because this is where the siding technically starts. This component is usually made of steel or aluminum.

The siding has two types of trims: the inside corner and outside corner trim. The inside corner provides a finished appearance at the inner corners, while still providing “allowance” to expand and contract. The outside corner trim, on the other hand, is the part that caps the outside corners.

The Backboard

This part is that structure that is nailed to the studs on the exterior side of the wall. Its main purpose is to provide a surface area where the siding is fastened along with the trim. During siding replacement, this part needs to be removed along with the old siding – especially if it has sustained some form of weather damage.

Furring Strip

This is a “small” component, usually made of wood, that is placed on the outer surface of the house as an extra surface where the siding is fastened. It’s typically used to straighten or correct surfaces to keep them flat. You may use this when you want to install the siding horizontally. The furring strip is necessary to actually install the siding in this manner and keep it flush with the rest of the wall.

The J-Channel

This jack-of-all-trades trim piece is used to provide a finished appearance to the end cuts, such as where the siding meets the door or window. Some J-channels are manufactured to be more flexible to conform to curved or oddly-shaped structures. It can also be used as a substitute for the interior trim, although you need two pieces of a J-channel to make it work.

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