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3 Ways To Work With Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a great asset to your living room. That said, homeowners sometimes find it difficult to incorporate this feature into their home’s design. A Cut Above Exteriors suggests three ways that can maximize their benefit and improve your interior’s appeal. You can use your patio door as:

Patio Doors

A Focal Point

When you have stunning views and no other focal points in the room, you can surround the patio door with various seating spaces. Make sure you place your furniture in a way that doesn’t block access to the walkways to and from the room and remember to keep the seats close enough to each other for easy conversations. To keep your patio door as the main focus of the room, consider setting up your TV in another room in the house. This will keep your living room peaceful and focused on the view alone.

A Secondary Focal Point

Some living rooms, however, have two focal points. For instance, a fireplace or stunning replacement windows can be as compelling as your patio door. If the feature is on an adjacent wall, simply rearrange the seating to view both points. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to choose one as the main focal point and arrange the furniture to emphasize it.A great alternative is to change the focal point depending on the season. During spring and summer, you can arrange the seating area to face the patio door and enjoy the view. When the temperature drops, move the furniture toward the fireplace for warmth.


There are times when the view from our patio doors is not as appealing as we’d like it to be. If showcasing it would bring down the beauty of the room, you can obscure it by placing a folding screen or curtain over it. Just make sure that your cover still allows light to pass through and won’t block access to the door. If you have another focal point, position your furniture to highlight this feature.

These are three simple ways to introduce your sliding patio doors into your home’s interior design. For more innovative solutions, turn to A Cut Above Exteriors. We also offer remodeling services like patio door installation and window replacement. Call us at 503.334.0733 to learn more about patio doors. You can also get a free project estimate. We serve Vancouver, WA as well as Portland, OR, and other Oregon areas.

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