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3 Simple Ways to Stormproof Your Roof

With harsher storms becoming more common these days, it’s important to prepare your home for extreme weather all year round. One of the things you should especially care for is your roof. Find out how you can stormproof your roof by checking out these tips from trusted roofing and siding contractor A Cut Above Exteriors.

1. Ensure the Roof Shingles Are Secure

If you’re getting a new roof, you might want to consider purchasing high-wind rated roofing materials. But if your existing roof is still in good condition, there’s no need to replace it. You can simply secure the bottom row of your roof to give it better resistance against strong winds. Roofing cement is usually enough to secure the first row. However, take note that the cement might take a couple of weeks for it to properly adhere. Schedule this task accordingly so that the cement will have enough time to dry.

2. Reinforce the Soffits

The purpose of soffits is to protect the rafters from the elements. They keep moisture away reducing the possibility of mold growth. And since many soffits are attached to areas that meet the siding, be extra careful when carrying out siding replacement. Make sure the soffits remain secured and in good shape.

3. Seal Exterior Holes

Apart from ensuring your roof has no structural damage where leaks could form, you should also consider the holes where pipes, wires and cables enter or exit your home. Seal these holes with silicone caulk or consult with your roofer regarding the best way to ensure these holes won’t cause problems. 

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