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The Biggest Drawbacks of Aluminum Siding

You’re seeing less and less aluminum siding these days because it doesn’t stack up quite well to other, newer siding materials. A Cut Above Exteriors, your local roofing repair contractor, elaborates on how this type of cladding has declined in both use and popularity.

The Cons of Aluminum

1. Aluminum siding has gone out of style.

2. The sound of rain and hail striking it can be loud and bothersome.

3. Aluminum is liable to rust and stained.

4. Repainting aluminum siding needs preparation and effort similar to repainting your car. You also need to repaint every five to 10 years, and when oxidation develops, the siding must be removed before a new painting job can take place.

5. Large amounts of energy and raw materials are needed just to produce this cladding.

6. Clear scratches and damaging marks on this cladding can reveal the metal surface below the paint.

7. This type of siding dents easily and might be difficult to repair or replace.

Your Alternatives

As we’ve mentioned, other forms of exterior cladding are now more popular and efficient. These days, homeowners want energy-efficient siding and roofing systems for their homes.

A Cut Above Exteriors won’t disappoint you with several high-quality siding options that will improve your home while increasing its value. We offer HardiePlank® Siding, the most popular brand in the country. It employs a fiber cement composite siding manufactured by global siding leader James Hardie. We also have top quality cedar, cedar shingle, and premium stone and brick siding products for you.

A Cut Above Exteriors is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Remodeler, so you can be sure you’ll get only quality siding and roofing services from us. You can reach us at (503) 334-0733 or by filling out this form. We serve Oregon homeowners, particularly in Portland, OR.

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