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Performance Metrics for Siding

Every siding and roofing services contractor knows that no matter what region you live in, you want your home to be sturdy enough to protect your family and your belongings from whatever nature throws at you. You want it to be able to withstand the local climate and provide comfort, energy efficiency, and peak performance at all times, even during an extreme weather event. That means, whether it’s your roofing system or your siding, you want every component of your home to last a long time.

Choosing the right siding product is important in completing the thermal efficiency, curb appeal, protection, and performance of your home. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a siding product.

Water Resistance

The biggest enemy of any type of siding is moisture. As a matter of face, moisture often causes problems with siding, roofing, and just about any component of a home. Choose a siding product that can withstand constant exposure to moisture and resist rot. 


Durability issues are always bad news for homeowners. You don’t want to pay for a siding replacement only a few years from the last one. You want your siding to last a lifetime. You may pay a premium for the most durable types available today, but you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Protection Against Fire

Wood siding cannot offer strong protection against fire. It can burst into flames. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, will melt quickly when exposed to enough heat. Even putting your barbecue grill too close to vinyl siding can result in warping. Get a siding type that doesn’t go up in flames or add fuel to the fire. One good example that your siding and roofing repair contractor might suggest is James Hardie’s HardiePlank. 

Resistance to Infestations and Animal Damage

Your siding may look great, but if it cannot resist pest infestation, it’s not going to stay pretty or functional for a long time. Choose a siding type that termites or small animals cannot destroy.

As a professional contractor of siding and roofing, A Cut Above Exteriors knows which siding material is best for your home. We offer James Hardie products that are sure to deliver when it counts the most. Call us today at (503) 334-0733. We work with homeowners in Portland, OR, and in other areas in Oregon.

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