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What Is Roof Decking?

Most homeowners talk to their roofing contractor about the material they want for their roof. Many are familiar with shingles and other roofing options, but not many know about the roof decking that’s under those shingles. In this post, A Cut Above Exteriors, roof and exterior siding contractor, discusses this less known but equally important part of a roofing system.

What Is a Roof Decking?

Roof shingles need a base to attach to. That base is often made of plywood, PVC, or a wood composite. It’s called the roof decking or roof sheathing. The underlay connects the shingles to the roof decking, which connects to the frame of the house. 

What Does the Roof Decking Do?

As it forms the base for the shingles, it provides support for carrying the weight of the shingles and other components. When you are reroofing your home, the roof decking is there to provide weather protection until all the shingles have been installed. In case of an extreme weather event that causes shingles to break or come loose, the sheathing is there to ensure water doesn’t simply enter your roof.

A roof decking that has been treated with a fire retardant will also protect your home from fire, at least for a short period, enabling you to get away before the flames make that impossible. It’s a good idea to get a treated roof decking, as well as siding that doesn’t catch on fire easily.

Roof decking isn’t just important for keeping your home dry during a storm, it makes your roof less prone to leaks under any kind of weather. For as long as your roof decking holds, you can have peace of mind that your indoors will stay dry.

There are sturdy types of roof decking, but even the toughest can sometimes give way to rot and other moisture-related issues. So it’s best to get the best roof decking you can find on the market. A Cut Above Exteriors, provider of wood sheathing and cedar siding, can help you. Call us today at (503) 334-0733. We can work with you in Portland, Oregon, and in other OR areas.

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