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How to Maximize Your Homeowner Insurance Claim

It’s essential not to stay in the dark when it comes to understanding your homeowner’s insurance, especially after suffering exterior damage due to a storm. The top roofing company in the area, A Cut Above Exteriors, shares some useful tips on how to maximize your insurance claim when the need arises.

Documentation Needed

Take pictures and videos to document the extent of the damage. This will be the best proof you need for your insurance company to assess what really happened.


Keeping problems from getting worse is key to this aspect. Your insurer will not cover you for damage that you could have prevented. A good example is to shut off the water source if you had suffered from flooding.

Make an Inventory

Set aside and don’t throw any damaged property away. They can serve as evidence and your insurance should cover the cost of replacing personal possessions.

Do What’s Best for You

Don’t accept the adjuster’s assessment blindly. Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company and not for you. Hire your own independent insurance adjuster to compare the claims adjuster’s estimate from your own and point out errors and additional covered damage often overlooked. Even better, hire a roofing services provider to back up your claims with hard numbers and data.

Of course, knowing how to maximize your insurance claims is a good practice, but it’s probably better if your roof is already made of quality materials before a storm comes. A Cut Above Exteriors offers top of the line options tested for durability and resistance to volatile weather. Our products and services guarantee home improvement while increasing its value.

At A Cut Above Exteriors, you can be sure you’ll get only quality services from us, whether it’s for siding or roof replacement. You can reach us at (503) 334-0733 or by filling out this form and request a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.

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