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Factors That Affect the Total Cost of a Roofing Project

Protecting your roof’s structural integrity is an important requirement of basic home maintenance. With it, you ensure your home’s protection against the elements. Once you notice some red flags indicating a need for a repair or replacement, however, it is important you act on them immediately. It all starts with setting up the budget for this project.

Factors That Affect the Total Cost of a Roofing Project

Take note that the total cost of repairing or replacing your roof may vary depending on several factors. A Cut Above Exteriors, your local roofing services provider, discusses them here.

The Type of Roof

The type of roof will influence the total cost of the project. Roofing material prices will depend on the slope. A high-pitched roof, which could be anything greater than a 6:12 pitch, is not walkable and will require greater staging, safety and labor to complete the repair or replacement.

The Need for Permits

Acquiring a permit may be necessary prior to a roof replacement or repair project. The cost of it may depend on where you live. Be sure that your chosen contractor is aware of the local building codes and related requirements.

The Severity of the Damage

The extent of the roof damage will determine the materials for the project and the time needed to complete the repair or replacement. It won’t cost you much to repair a small leak but expect to a lot more time and labor to tackle major damage, which will add up to the total cost.

The Other Components

A roofing project is not about the application of a new shingle, metal or tile roofing material. The inner layers of the roofing system like the underlayment and roof deck, as well as the flashings and insulation, carry a different level of performance and longevity.

A Cut Above Exteriors is the roofing company you can turn to in the local area. Reach us out as soon as you discover problems on your roofing system so that we can determine the total cost of the repair or replacement. Call (503) 334-0733 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve residents of Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA.

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