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Cool Roofs: How You Can Help Reduce the Heat Island Effect

The right kind of roofing can do more than shield a home or commercial property from rainfall and heat from the sun. It also helps reduce the effect of heat islands. Roofing company A Cut Above Exteriors shares an overview of this phenomenon and what kind of roofing helps reduce its effects.

Cool Roofs: How You Can Help Reduce the Heat Island Effect

What Is a Heat Island?

A heat island is an area that is significantly warmer than the areas surrounding it. This phenomenon is more common in urban areas, hence the better-known term “urban heat islands”. However, heat islands can also occur in residential areas. Heat islands are formed in areas covered with surfaces that absorb heat, such as dark roofs and asphalt roads.

When put too close together, these surfaces contribute to raising the area’s surface temperature, forming an “island” of radiant heat. In addition to making the ground-level area uncomfortably warm (even at night), it also raises indoor cooling requirements, especially for inadequately insulated homes. Fortunately, there are ways that these effects can be minimized. One of these is by choosing a cool roof for your next roof replacement project.

Cool Roofs

Have you ever wondered why wearing a white shirt under the sun is more comfortable, compared to wearing a darker color? That is because light surfaces are reflective, and since heat from the sun is another form of light—infrared rays, to be precise—your white shirt absorbs less of it. The same principle works with cool roofs. This type of roofing has reflective properties that reduce the heat that would have been absorbed and converted to radiant heat.

The problem with cool roofs is that white or light-colored roofing isn’t as attractive as dark roofs. Which is why many homeowners still choose dark colors, which unknowingly contributes to heat islands. This is where products like CertainTeed’s Solaris® line of roofing is best used. Landmark Solaris Gold, Landmark Solaris Platinum, and Presidential Solaris are all ENERGY STAR®-rated products treated for solar reflectivity. You can choose dark-colored Solaris shingles and enjoy the benefits of cooler indoor spaces, reduced UV damage, and, more importantly, less contribution to the heat island effect.

To learn more about cool roofs and our other roofing services, call A Cut Above Exteriors today at (503) 334-0733. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. We serve Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.

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