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Will Your Insurance Cover Damage From Ice Dams?

We’re now only a few weeks away from officially welcoming winter. Some of us love winter, but the cold weather and everything that comes with it — rain, ice, snow and freezing wind — can do a number on our homes.

Among the parts of your home that take the most beating from winter weather is the roof. One of the biggest enemies of your roof is ice dams. You may not think anything of them that much, but they can actually damage your roof and eventually, your home. 

Roofing and exterior siding contractor, A Cut Above Exteriors, shares what you should know about ice dam-related roof damage and insurance coverage.

Ice Dam Roof Damage and Your Insurance

If an ice dam forms on your roof and it causes melted ice and snow to seep through cracks and joints, it can cause roof, interior and exterior damage. You’d be thrilled to know that if an ice dam is proved to have caused the water and moisture damage in your home, your insurance will typically cover repair costs.

If your roof, cedar siding and home foundation are damaged due to a leak from an ice dam, your insurance can save the day and save you from home repair costs. However, this will largely depend on your policy, so make sure that you read it rather carefully and thoroughly. 

Furthermore, you should also ensure that your roof is well-maintained, as the insurance might argue that your roof was not maintained properly, causing the formation of ice dams.

If your roof suffers from damage caused by ice dams this winter, let A Cut Above Exteriors give your roof a thorough look. After a comprehensive inspection, we’ll provide you with an honest assessment and professional recommendations. Call us at (503) 334-0733 or send our online form today to learn more and schedule an inspection in Portland, OR, and surrounding Oregon cities. We also specialize in siding, window and door replacement. 

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