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The Characteristics of a Well-Designed Window

Getting new windows for your home is one thing; making sure you’re getting well-designed windows is another. An exterior siding contractor will tell you that you have to make your home improvement budget count. This is why you have to know what goes into a well-designed window to get the most value out of your window installation project.

Good Looks

Aesthetics is one of the major aspects of good window design. However, good looks depend more on how a window matches the rest of your home and less on how intricate its patterns look on its own. That being said, you’ll want classic window types and colors on more traditional homes, while windows with a sleek or minimalist design work on most contemporary home styles.

Excellent Efficiency

Windows and siding experts say that good windows are designed with energy-efficiency as one of its biggest priorities. The more efficient a window is, the more you save on heating and cooling costs. Every dollar saved by cutting down your monthly bill adds to the long-term value of a well-designed window.

High-Quality Build

A well-designed window is made with attention to detail and quality. You’d want windows that feel solid and are not likely to have misalignment issues throughout most of its expected lifespan. Well-designed windows won’t start rattling at the slightest vibrations, and will neither feel loose or tight even after years of being opened and closed.

Great Weather Protection

Well-designed windows are not just built to last, but also to help other components of your home last longer. Window and cedar siding experts say that windows play a crucial role in keeping harmful elements such as moisture, heat and UV rays from damaging your home, even under harsh weather conditions. Problems such as leaks, drafts or visual fading can be significantly minimized by installing well-designed windows in your home.

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