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How to Protect Your Home During Exterior Renovations

Home renovations are great investments, and one of the ways to make the most of them is to ensure that you’re well prepared for the project. Whether you’re getting a roof replacement or siding replacement, it’s a must that you protect your home.

Here are some tips for protecting your home during an exterior renovation.

1. Move things away from the work area. Items like patio furniture, outdoor appliances, potted plants and ornaments, among other things, are moved away from the work area to keep them from being hit by falling debris. Move them somewhere safe, such as your workshop or garage. If you can’t put them indoors, make sure they’re at least 20 feet away from the work area.

2. Park away from the house. The roofing company or home improvement contractor will need easy access to and from the driveway as they work. It will help to park your vehicles somewhere else in the meantime. If you’re allowed to park on the street, do so for now. Even if you have a garage, you may not be able to drive your car out from there once the contractors have set up.

3. Move children and pets away. It’s very important that you don’t allow kids and pets to roam around while an exterior improvement project is ongoing. For everyone’s safety and convenience, consider having your kids and pets stay somewhere else in the meantime unless you can make sure that they stay indoors all throughout.

4. Remove antennas, cable dishes and solar panels from the roof. If you’re getting a new roof, it’s best if you take these installations down to prepare the roof for the contractor.

5. Cover the pool. If you have a pool, you’d want to cover it so it won’t be difficult to fish waste and debris out of it afterward.

As one of the trusted home improvement companies the area, A Cut Above Exteriors can help make sure that your home is in good hands while we perform exterior renovation and roofing services. Get in touch with us today by calling (503) 334-0733 or filling our contact form to schedule a consultation. We serve clients in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding areas.

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