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A Cut Above Exteriors: Add Value to Your Home with French Patio Doors

French patio doors are traditional-style doors that swing open just like any other door in your home, but with a twist. Representing French elegance, these patio doors make for a stunning addition to any home. They are aesthetically appealing, and their simple open-and-close design allow for immense functionality.

A Cut Above Exteriors supplies and installs Simpson and Andersen French patio doors made of wood or durable Fibrex. Whether you are looking to create a majestic front entrance, want to let more natural light indoors, or want to enjoy a clearer view of the outdoors, we can supply you with the perfect French patio doors for your home.

Top Form and Function

Oregon’s weather can be harsh on the exterior of your home, so it is very important to choose a patio door that can withstand the local climate. A Cut Above Exteriors provides only the highest quality patio doors that have the strength to protect your home from the weather. We are here to assist you in adding value to your home. Our team of patio door installers can deliver the stellar workmanship that you’re looking for.

Aside from being visually appealing, our French patio doors are also extremely energy efficient. If your old, worn patio doors are causing your utility bills to spike, our energy saving French patio doors can be the solution you’re looking for.

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As one of Oregon’s largest and most experienced patio door replacement companies, we at A Cut Above Exteriors have not only installed doors on hundreds of homes, but also established a reputation that is second to none. We are experts at providing homeowners with new or replacement patio door options that will serve everyday needs and give your home a truly distinct look and feel.

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