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Megan & Terry’s home

This historic home has been in the family for over 70 years. The home had original cedar siding until about the 1980’s, when the current owners moved in, and replaced the old worn siding with LP siding, because back then, LP was a cost effective measure for them at the time. The LP siding lasted until about 2010, and by then, the entire house was a mess. Siding had lead based paint which had to be properly removed and disposed of, the siding was falling apart, their roof was rotten and in need of replacing.

A Cut Above Exteriors restored this home to the original period look of the 1940’s with natural cedar shingles and LAP siding. We also restored the front porch and all the historic trim, restored the chimney, replaced the roof on the home and two other buildings on the property, included proper ventilation on all the roofs and painted the entire home. This home is a beautiful representation of how A Cut Above Exteriors can make your home beautiful once again.



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