Energy Efficient Patio Doors

Poor-performing windows can lose up to 40 percent* of heating energy in winter. With the high cost of energy, that’s a lot of money going right out the window! Even worse (and often overlooked), poor-performing windows can lose up to 50 percent* of a home’s cooling energy in summer. It’s expensive to have worn-out or inefficient windows.

Shopping for energy efficient replacement windows and patio doors can be confusing, but an important factor to keep in mind is whole window performance.

Together, these elements will keep your home 35% more energy efficient in winter and 41% more efficient in summer**. Depending on where you live, that can cut your energy bills by up to 25%***

What’s the easiest and most accurate way to compare the energy efficiency of windows? Be sure the window displays an NFRC label. This label means the entire window unit has been tested, not just the center of the glass or part of the frame. The U-Factor is a better indicator of window performance than R-value. The lower the U-Factor the better the insulation properties.

* Windows & Doors – MN Dept. of Commerce Energy Information
** 35% more energy efficient in winter and 41% in summer, as compared to ordinary dual pane glass.
*** A study of identical homes comparing Low-E4® glass to ordinary glass showed a 25% savings on cooling bills, 10% on heating. Savings may vary geographically.